Not Sure if Dress, Meghan Trainor // iHeartRadio Music Awards

meghan Tranoir

I have many feels for Meghan Trainor. Mostly, I feel sorry for her. Cause I think she’s blessedly ignorant to like, everything. She keeps making these songs that range from slightly to extremely sexist and discriminatory, and when people ask her about it she’s like “I just wrote a song you guys! I just thought of some lyrics and a tune and I liked them and then I sung them! I ain’t trying to be no role model!”
And I get where she’s coming from. Sometimes you just think of a thing, and you just say that thing and you don’t mean to offend anyone, you just didn’t think of the wider implications. But babe, you’re an international star. You can’t just say a thing and expect the world to be like “it’s alright you guys, we know she didn’t mean anything by it.” People are gonna tear you apart, pretty much no MATTER what you do, but you’re giving them ridiculous amounts of ammunition. I don’t think she should have to worry about being a role model, because when will the world learn that not everyone who is in the public eye is cut out to be a role model. Just because she exists and 12 year olds know of her does not mean she has to set an example FOR THE CHILDREN (WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?). But it does mean that everyone will hold you to their personal standards, and a majority of people’s personal standards these days are “hey, don’t be sexist and discriminatory y’all”. And they’re right. Some of the songs you write say some really awful things, say, Dear Future Husband for example, which pretty much takes us back to the 1950’s, and all we need from our husbands is for them to tell us we’re beautiful and hold open the door for us. You can’t really just keep pulling the “Omg I didn’t even think about it that deeply when I wrote it, why do you keep analysing” card, because you do not live in a vacuum. Someone else is gonna hear it and no doubt inform you that you are destroying the progress feminism made, and you just gotta take it. #educateyoself

I also feel sorry for her wearing this dress. This “dress”. Inverted commas because it literally looks way more like those bodyshaper (Spanx?) things you wear under dresses to hold in the bulges than it does an actual finished dress. It’s pretty much the exact same material and it definitely appears like you just sewed the boob cups from a bra into the top of the dress to finish it off. Some small detailing, patterns, even random buttons, would have given us some sort of indication that is in fact supposed to be outer-wear, but she’s given us nothing.
I have little issue to pick with the jacket, its sparkly and suits her, but it’s sitting askew in every single photo of her I’ve seen so that’s putting me off a bit.
But I will never have a problem with plain black shoes. I know people who complain when people wear just plain black pumps because they think they’re boring, yes slightly but they also go with absolutely everything so there. Score 1 for Trainor.

Pic source is here.

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