Dudes Wearing Crazy Things // iHeartRadio Music Awards

I love these award shows aimed at young audiences and with a more relaxed atmosphere, cause it means you get to see people attend who just seem wildly out of left field, and aren’t really sure what they should be wearing to an awards show. Also people get a little bit more out-there with their fashion choices.
Bring on the crazy.
It’s not all bad crazy, there’s definitely some good crazy in the mix as well. But there’s also some MAJOR CRAZY.


So I think that might be one of those Japanese themed robes/dressing gowns that Charlie Wilson has cut short and fashioned as a blazer. I’m not complaining, that attire is FIERCE.
But you can’t tell me that he doesn’t look even SLIGHTLY like Hugh Hefner, when he just wears that red robe everywhere. Just a more multicultural version.


This look was significantly more crazy when I thought those coloured things on the wall behind him were actually attached to his hat, and I was like “You just went full clown. Never go full clown”. But now that I realise no, Boy George is kind of just a dude in a suit with some pants that look like ants covered in White-Out have burrowed through them. And Air Maxs? Or Air Max lookalikes? Reading that back and he does once again, sound a bit cray cray.


Lord Kraven

FIRST THOUGHT: “Wow how did Xerxes score an invite to the iHeartRadio awards”. AM I RIGHT?
So I’ve never heard of this guy before, and that makes me kind of sad. I’m only 21, I should be at the age where I still recognise all the hip young people. His name is Lord Kraven. Pretty fitting to his outfit I’d say.. kind of wanna-be-sexy and devil-y. Apparently he’s a singer so I YouTubed it, expecting to find some death metal or at least some hardcore rapping. Nope. I think an apt description would be that he sounds very 5 Second of Summer/One Direction-y. No I’m not even kidding you. Check out his song breathe here.
I feel like the way he dresses doesn’t really cater to his audience? But maybe I don’t know young teenage girls these days. Back in MY day.


Chris Brown, on the other hand, decided to channel the Pharrell. I think it’s the hat that comes across a little bit copycat to me, but I can’t really say that, it’s not like Pharrell OWNS hats. I actually really like this most of this ensemble, maybe without the hat and the glasses. The jacket is strange for sure, but Chris is pulling it off with aplomb. The rest of it is pretty standard, he’s just accessorising it with sprinklings of cray.

I honestly feel like the way guys dress is a lot more homogenized than the way girls dress, so it’s great when guys step out of that squirrel hole and do something different, so props to ALL of them, even if it’s not something I’d like to see my boyfriend wearing. You do you.

Link for pic one, pic two, pic three, and pic four.

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