Getting Major in A Gown Way // AMC “Mad Men” Final Episodes Celebration

There was heaps of major dresses at the Mad Men premiere, none more major, of course, than Christina Hendrik’s Zac Posen:


Just utterly amazing and incredible and perfect and all the positive adjectives I can think of. I’m kind of sad that she wore such an amazing dress to this event instead of, say, the Emmy’s. Coz it deserves as much attention as it can possibly get. She’s worn olive green before and it’s treated her well so I think she was wise to stick to the formula on that account. And I think it’s really great at wrangling her assets, which is not something that everything she wears can do, often with disasterous results. The detailing down the bottom is divine, and also very dark and mysterious, crow flying round in the dead of night and whatnot, which probably suits the air of the final season of Mad Men quite well. It just might be a little.. full on for the event? Which is why I say the Emmy’s would have been a better call. But of course, I can’t forget to mention


that the giant skirt is removeable and leaves a cocktail style dress underneath. Pure brilliance, and much more practical for such an event where there probably isn’t skirt wranglers around every corner. I really do love this dress on her! And do think that the smaller version really does make a lot more sense.. It she had been in that big one the whole night I think everyone would be side-eyeing her like “well doesn’t SOMEONE think they’re the star of the show”.

We got some more exciting dress action from Rebecca Dayan, and I LOVE the outer material. If I could go everywhere dressed as the galaxy beyond our reaches I totally would.


It’s the gap that I call issue with. I’m not a mullet-dress person, personally, but that’s not to say that some don’t look good though, because quite often they do. This one looks really strange thought because the gap just looks like they didn’t cut it wide enough? Like it should really be going from one side of the dress to the other but instead they just cut out the middle quarter, and it looks oddddddd. It probably wouldn’t look odd if the cut was triangular but because it’s square it totally does. I am not ready for such geometric changes!  And I don’t like the white lining, SO THERE EVERYBODY.

And Janie Bryant, being the intelligent, fashion savvy woman that she is, didn’t go in the illusion netting direction, that is to say, she went in the RIGHT DIRECTION.


I can imagine so many gals would have done it, given into the lure of the sheer and skin display. Honestly I don’t hate it in like every single context, but in most, fabric just looks better. Or actually lack of fabric. Not half-way in between, which illusion netting is. I won’t harp on, you guys all know where I’m at and are probably begging me to shut up right now so I’ll just be on my way as I gallop away on my high horse!
Ur a babe, Janie.

Link for pic one, pic two, pic three, and pic four .

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