Taylor Swift LBDing it Up // iHeartRadio Music Awards

i heart radio

I feel like Taylor Swift has split fashion personality syndrome. When she’s out just casually, just running errands and getting stuff done, she always wears quite twee, floaty, super girly stuff. I know I’ve said that before but it’s totally true.
On the red carpet though, she always seems to go in a more edgy, out-there stuff. Case in point, THAT jumpsuit that she wore to last years VMA’s.
Honestly, I like Red Carpet Taylor Swift better. I feel like she has the attitude to own it, and she almost always does. I mean I understand that she likes the floaty stuff but seriously girl, you can rock almost anything!
This is probably at the more mild end of “edgy”, cause there’s only so edgy you can get in a simple LBD, but I love the design of the top, even more so that it’s got actual cutouts and not fake illusion-netting cut-outs (NO I WILL NEVER STOP RANTING ABOUT THAT. DON’T EVEN WITH ME YOU GUYS. IF I COULD MAKE IT ILLEGAL I WOULD.) Also, sparkles :3
Plus they are some really great shoes, possibly my most favourite shoes I have ever seen in my lifetime. That’s how much I love them. I would wear them with absolutely everything.
A pretty classic, simple look here from T Swiz, but gorgeous all the same!

Pic is from here.

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