Rita Ora Can Rock A Wetsuit // Tommy Hilfiger Summer Spring Collection 2014

Recently, Rita Ora was seen stepping out in this Tommy Hilfiger ensemble. It was worn exactly the same as it was seen on the runway except for the shoes.


Personally, I love it. I know heaps of people have described the opening to the pants as “wetsuit-esque” and I 100% agree, but I still love it. In fact I agree with most comments I’ve read about it, which include that the top looks like a fast food uniform. Yep, can’t argue there. It still fits Ora really well, the colour combination is really interesting and cool, and look, T-shirts with tight pants are kind of my go to. I love them in every situation and I love them even more when you mix them up a bit.
Seeing this collection back in the limelight made me want to re-live it, because I truly did love the hell out of it, so I decided to do it with you guys! Here are some of my favourites from the Tommy Hilfiger Summer/Spring 2014 Collection!


This is the runway version of Ora’s, and like I said, almost exactly the same. I think I like these shoes better than the ones she wore with it, but they are very beachy and she’s probably in the least beachy location ever (NYC) so I understand her decision to opt out. Still incredible either way!


You can definitely see the wetsuit inspiration in a lot of these outfits, this one included, but I still also think it’s a really cool geometric design. Had it just been blocks of colour sewn together rather than that sewn thread-line separating the sections, which is pretty much exclusive to wetsuits, it would be hard to draw many comparisons. It also probably the colour combination as well that suggests “swimwear”, and I would probably like this even more in some fiery colour variations.


I couldn’t tell you why but the wetsuit zip on these shorts comes across as inherently stranger than it does on the pants earlier. I think because it kind of looks like the white bit was hastily sewn on and it looks kind of out-of-place, whereas it doesn’t appear that way on the pants? I don’t know why that is but there you go. I love this jacket. I really really like the way the colours are being combined in pretty much piece in this collection, and this jacket is no exception. I would also love a version in just the colour of the sleeves.


I love the colour of this suit, and probably the suit itself, and I love the top, but I don’t think I love the combination of them. The slouched casualness of the suit makes me feel like you need flashy and tailored on the shirt, and that shirt is not doing it for me…


However I like this combination just fine. The change to shorts just lends itself so much better to the style of the top. And I really do like those sports-jacket style jackets, especially in bright colours. I’m kind of over the black Stussy and Adidas ones.


The skirt is a nice skirt for sure, but I would do terrible things to get my hands on that jacket. Khaki and cropped, two of my favourite things. I also really like the military style of it, because I find pieces styled in that way contrast really well with pretty much anything else that I wear, as a girl. It’s harsh and somewhat masculine and everything else is nice lines and feminine, at least to more of an extent than that jacket is. I love all military styled stuff really.


This kaftan is gorgeous and I would probably try and wear it places other than the beach. Which is unwise for someone who isn’t, say, Rihanna, but it’s pull is too strong.

My Pick Of The Show:
The dimensions between the top and the shorts are perfectly balanced, as are the splashes of colour on the shorts and the top. The rest is an awesome mix of neutrals, which is right in my ballpark. T-Shirt, cropped, grey. Need.


Do you remember this show? Did you love it did you hate? See the rest of the photos here and judge for yourself! Tell me all about it below!

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