Playsuit Or No: Kate Walsh // “Get Hard” Premiere

This is a game I play pretty regularly in my head and I thought I would share with you guys – Is it a playsuit or no? Also just for all my American readers, a playsuit is another word for a romper, just so we’re on the same page.
Kate Walsh is our contender today, and here is the outfit in question:

kate walsh1

As always, I thought this was a pretty easy call, until I saw it from another direction. Quite clearly a dress right? Or should I say a blazer? I actually really like blazers-as-dresses generally, I’ve always been a blazer kind of person and I think it looks pretty sexy when deployed in the right way. I wouldn’t call this the right way through, because it sits very awkwardly on her, all wrinkles and bunches in the wrong spots, there’s nothing to break up the monotony of white on the blazer (some silver buttons or a brooch or SOMETHING) and also that random bit of sheer fabric looks really weird. It would be even weirder if it was a playsuit, because they would then theoretically be the “shorts” bit of it, and then they would see-through shorts and I think there’s already way enough of that going around at the moment already. Also I think her shoes and her bag are too different in colour to be considered matching and it’s annoying the hell out of me just looking at it.

Here’s the other angle though:

kate walsh2

AND NOW THE TURMOIL BEGINS. It just looks so clearly like a playsuit here that I’ve lost all hope of having a proper opinion on this and I’ve fallen into the cracks of indecision. Was that too dramatic? I think no.


Both pics can be found here.

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