Hatty Keane and The Land of Prints // “John Wilks” Special Screening

So UK Pop Singer Hatty Keane recently attended a special screening of “John Wick”, which is Keanu Reeve’s new movie. Besides the fact that seems extremely RANDOM and I have no idea why she was there, the most interesting fact about this is the dress she wore


It makes me think of a whole bunch of things at once, but there are two particular references that come to mind. The first is that time that Moschino made a whole line of clothing that were essentially giant junk food wrappers. Not that time they made a whole bunch of outfits based on McDonalds, that was different, equally crazy, time.
The other reference is an Australian brand which you may not have heard of, Black Milk. They specialise in dresses and leggings, in a sort of nylon material, onto which they put insanely good quality graphic prints. They have ones with really cool patterns, and I drool over them every other day. Seriously, check them out (they ship internationally as well).
They ALSO release quite a few themed collections in which they pick a particular pop culture fad and then put images of it onto a dress or leggings. They’ve done Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, HEAPS of things. A particular example of what I mean is this dress which has a graphic of some main characters of Lord of the Rings. Pretty cool to look at right? That’s exactly my thoughts whenever I look their latest collection, damn these dresses look cool on this webpage. But the second I saw anyone actually wearing one in real life (and it’s happened once or twice), the first thing I think is “Wow that looks so gimmicky, I hate it”.

And to make some sort of transition back to what this post is actually about, that’s exactly what I think of this dress. I mean it kind of looks like the exact font that the Sesame Street logo is written in so there’s that. If it had been just the stripes I probably would feel totally different about it. I find it hard to deal with clothing that has words on it, I’m pretty specific with which ones I like, and I don’t really know what the defining factor IS but most I just hate. I think I’m okay with brand names. But those tops that say “Ryan Gosling is my baby daddy” or “Couch bum” which are surprisingly popular on my favourite clothing site at the moment just make me want to die inside.
They’re so “This is exactly what you should think and there’s no room for interpretation, look at me!”. I don’t know why that’s a bad thing but it is for me. I just feel like people wearing those tops and dresses spend the whole night looking around for people’s reaction to what they’re wearing, and for some reason that just makes me want to tear my hair out.

There are a few exceptions, in that I know and I’ve seen a few people who I think are owning it. Some who make me think “yeah, you OWN that Finn The Human shirt!”, and I think it’s a matter of confidence. For it not to annoy me you need to look like you don’t really care what other people think of it, you’re wearing it for you. And for a lot of people that’s probably the case but it just doesn’t look like it. So to you I apologise. This post has gotten so weird and slightly off-topic hahhaha?

I like her jacket, I like her shoes, even though I’d probably never have the guts to wear them.
She also wore something totally similar earlier this year.


Another print dress, another day in the life of Hatty Keane. I honestly like the other one better than this one because Care Bears? Really? Plus her hair looks way better short. I feel like I’m just tearing her to shreds but honestly, it’s not you Hatty, it’s the dresses. Stahp.

Link for first pic is here, second is here.

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