Ora In a Gorgeous Major Gown // Coca Cola Contour Centenary Bar Opening

You may remember not long ago I did a post of Kate Bosworth at an exhibition about Coca-Cola and I kiddingly said that she looked like she literally dressed like a coke bottle for it. And now we have Rita Ora at another coke related event, so I was all, man Coke is definitely on the PR circuit at the moment. Turns out it’s the 100th anniversary of the “iconic” coke bottle. And that’s in quotation marks because I’m not sure I’d go as far to describe it as “iconic” but that’s what all their press says so I’d thought I’d give you the full spiel. Anyway, Rita here was at the opening of the Coca Cola Contour Centenary Bar, which is a mouthful if I’ve ever read one.
But I’m super glad to report that she looked absolutely gorgeous in a classic red gown.


Probably very little of this was actually down to her own styling because
A) Red is coke’s colour, obviously
B) The silhouette of her wearing that gown is actually quite coke-bottle like
C) The whole full gown thing makes her look quite retro and elegant, which is probably exactly what coke were going for, considering they’re celebrating a historic event

I feel like this just seems to fit TOO well to the event for it to have been her decision. So we can’t give her props for choosing an amazing gown and showing that she does have a sick fashion sense, which I know she does but often gets buried under multiple layers of crazy, but we CAN congratulate her on looking so hot in it.
Snaps for Rita!

Source for photo is here

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