Somebody Please Kill Illusion Netting With Fire // UK Cinderella Premiere

What makes me really super sad is that these would probably both be really nice dresses, or at least decent, (or actually maybe not even decent, but at the very least BETTER) without the illusion netting. It just ruins everything.


This one might not be entirely decorous (lol) without, granted, cause that much boob and that massssssive dipped neckline would probably just be a little bit too much for everyone’s eyes. But there could have been so many better solutions than that god damn netting. That’s right, I am damning the lord over how much I hate it. This is serious, you guys.
Like imagine if say, that was a full bodice of that lace material, maybe with a bit of dip, like 3 or so inches. How pretty would that be? But no instead the designers were like “Let’s make a really exposing dress but then we’ll put that skin coloured material that kind of looks like skin but everyone knows it’s not over it so it’s actually not totally exposing just kinda half so neither the dress or anyone looking at it knows what the hell is going on.” (Yes that was an awful sentence to read , just as hard as illusion netting is to LOOK AT).
I can see a shadow of some really nice cleavage, oh but it’s slightly not really covered up by some pretend skin. Doesn’t that just turn you on.

I’m sad to inform you all that I couldn’t find a photo of the whole of Anna Williamson’s dress, so we can’t really say whether it would have been that nice even without the inclusion of the illusion (rhymes for dais), but judging purely from the belt I’m going to guess no. I don’t think this is a dress that could have structurally existed without the netting anyway, because I think that’s the only thing holding this bodice up, whereas in the other one it looked like an afterthought that could be taken away and we’d be left with very decent remains.
As always, this looks insanely tacky to me.
Although after closer inspection I’ve noticed that I can’t actually see anything through the skin coloured bit?? So maybe it’s not illusion netting but just skin coloured fabric? WHY WOULD YOU WANT THE ILLUSION OF ILLUSION NETTING?
Although honestly that is more acceptable to me because that means this is a whole dress with just multiple colour blocks, not an unfinished dress held up with fake skin.



Link for first pic and second pic

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