Sretsis 2015-2016 Autumn & Winter Collection // Japan Fashion Week

Foreign fashion weeks really are one of the most things to read about, especially when they’re a culture quite different from your own. As much as London and New York fashion weeks are where the action is at, England and America are pretty much Australia’s siblings when it comes to style, and we have the same sort of ideas of what we expect to see on the runway. That’s why I was super pumped to see some pictures of Japan’s fashion week, and to hear about some new and exciting brands. Sretsis, according to Wikifashion (I didn’t know until now that Wikifashion was a thing and have decided its my bible), is based in Thailand, and is the work of 3 sisters. And as was cleverly pointed out, Sretsis is “sisters” spelt backwards.

I got a really “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” vibe from this show, which is a Shakespearean comedy play set in the woods and involves lots of fairies and talking woodland creatures. You feel me?
Anyway, I’m presenting this collection mostly without comment because for the most part, it’s not stuff I would wear, just some really great design ideas that I enjoy looking at. So I’m going to sit back and do that, and let you do the same.

If you want to suss all of the collection check it out here .




Is that a cat bag? I need a cat bag.







Strawberry Shortcake goes high fashion. Plus love strawberry earrings.



And then these girls were in the audience, both wearing dresses from one Stretsis’s previous collections. I actually kind of love the whimsical musical note look.


Are you a fan? Any awesome brands I need to see?  Let me know!

Last pic can be found here

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