My Favourite Recent Purchases // My Style

I’m definitely a little bit of a shopping addict, and I buy new stuff almost every week! I clear my cupboard out so regularly, I’ve gotten to the point that if I don’t wear something for a few months it’s gone, Β cause I always have to make room for something new. This week I bought a lot of stuff that all coincidentally fit together, and I love showing off my fave new purchases to pretty much anyone and everyone, so here they are πŸ™‚ The coolest things I bought this week!

PS But just before I do that I suppose I should mention my cloud wall which is in the background of the photos. Pretty much, when I was younger I decided I wanted people to sign my wall, but Mum and Dad didn’t want to ruin the plaster. So I decided to have a wall painted like the sky, with write-able clouds on it. At multiple events between the ages of 17-20ish, like birthdays and stuff like that, I got Dad to make me a cloud and everyone signed it. I also had just blank clouds that people could sign when they were over at my place. And then my friend Josh randomly decided to make me a cloud. So moral of the story I have a bright blue wall that has clouds with writing all over them, and that is why.


“Muse” T-shirt – Sportsgirl, $35.95

I went shopping with one of my best friends for her birthday on Tuesday, and we had a MASSIVE night the night before so I wasn’t all that energetic and didn’t really have the bother to try anything on. But she picked this up while we in Sportsgirl, snorted derisively, and was like “What does this even say?? Mouse??” and then put it back. I picked it up and was like “No, it says Muse!” and a light just went on in my head like “Omg I must have this top”. I freaking love it. I love t-shirts and I LOVE white t-shirts and that was just a cool thing to have on it. I tried it on and bought it immediately. And then I wore it to the runway show I went to on Wednesday with leather look jeans and black high heels because I am everyone’s muse, yo.


Leather Jacket – JayJays, $69.95

I know what you’re thinking, “JAYJAYS? I thought the only people who shop there are emo teens who haven’t found anywhere else that sells Spongebob t-shirts quite as cheap as they do???”.
Or maybe that’s just me. But that is my overall opinion of JayJays and as such I didn’t expect to find myself in there in a million years. But I was walking past, having just left my black multiple purpose blazer at the nightclub we went to the night before, super depressed about my loss. That was a perfect blazer. And it cost me 12 dollars from the K-Mart kids section, that’s never going to happen again. BUT ANYWAY I saw this, as it was, hanging at one of the stands right at the front of the store. I needed a new black jacket of some description, and having always been lacking in the leather jacket department I went inside to try it on. I loved it so much, that even though they didn’t have a size 6 right there and then, I put one on hold from the next shipment. And when they called to say it had come in I shed a single tear of happiness. (Not really but I felt like I had started to paint a story of true love and I wanted to finish it :3 ) $69.95 is the most I’ve ever spent on a jacket, and most definitely the most I will ever spend at JayJays, but I have zero regrets because it is incredible.


Black Laced Wedge Heels – Famous Footwear, $59.95

I know this is the second time I’ve mentioned Famous Footwear in one of my “My Style” posts so it must seem like I’m obsessed, and now that I think about it I kind of am. They’re not super cheap, but they’re not crazy pricey either, and they always have exactly what I want. Heart Famous Footwear. I bought these shoes because a girl on my Instagram feed posted a photo of her wearing them and I was like “Where’d you get your shoes?!?” and she was like “Famous Footwear!!” so then I went and bought them. True story. They are equally as amazing as the jacket and will probably go together quite well.

I haven’t had a chance to wear all these items together, but I’m quite sure they will look killer when I do! A pretty expensive week all up, because usually it takes me to like something quite a lot before I spend over 50 dollars on it, and I got the jacket, the shoes, AND two dress’ to choose from for my friends 21st this weekend (which I would have put in this post but ain’t nobody seeing that dress before I wear it!). An expensive week in fashion. But totally worth it!

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