Wax Miley Cyrus Actually Totally Looks Like Draco // Madame Tussaunds Wax Museum

Personally, I think Miley Cyrus is an amazing looking girl. Her face especially, is somewhat of a work fo art, and especially considering how puberty transformed her! I feel like her entire faced changed legit.
Anyway since she got her new haircut there have been heaps of Draco Malfoy jokes about her and I’ve kind of been like heh heh no not really. Cause only slightly on the hair and even slightly on anything else. But Madame Tussaunds, in her grand tradition of making celebrities look like they kind of aged 10 years in the face but stayed the same everywhere else, has made her insanely Malfoy-ish.

miley1 miley2


Maxim 2013 Hot 100 Party - Arrivals

Normal Miley, not really (Yes we are ignoring the white powder all around her mouth in that photo, this is not the place or the time). I tried to get those photos side by side for you but after half an hour struggling with the text editor and HTML I gave up.
But Madame Tussaunds Miley could PROBABLY be his twin sister.
Thankyou for reinforcing this terrible joke Madame Tussaunds, you make me cry!

(This isn’t that fashion related I realise but I just had to)

See all Wax Miley pics here , normal Miley here, and Draco here.

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