Runway 6: Cosmopolitan Show ONLOOKER REPORT // Melbourne Fashion Festival

Last night I attended my first runway show! The Melbourne Fashion Festival is on at the moment, and I’m always feverishly excited when it comes around. I spend hours looking at the footage on their website (, if anyone wants to suss.) I never thought actually going to a runway show was possible, until a girl I know posted a photo of herself at one. I knew her quite well and thought, “There’s no way she scored tickets through someone in the know..”. So I had a bit of a suss on the website and found that it was actually pretty easy just to buy tickets. I was simultaneously super excited and really sad, because it meant I’d already missed half the festival and heaps of runways I could have gone to, but it also meant I had the chance to check one out. I’m once again crazy busy this weekend and could really only go last night, as there was no shows running tonight. So yesterday, at about 2pm, I bought tickets to Runway 6 at 9:30 that night. Pretty much as last minute as you can get. I told the girl I was sitting next to that I’d bought my ticket that day and she almost fell off her seat in shock!
I originally scouted around for a friend to take, but after further investigation, I found that if I went by myself I could get a singular seat in the 3rd row (AKA the closest to the front you can get by buying a general admission ticket, and not just being given one by being a somebody). In the end, I’m actually glad I went by myself, because it meant I bonded with all the girls around me and didn’t just talk to whoever I was with, I got to focus on exactly what I wanted to, and was able to write notes in my notepad without being super judged hahaha.

The bad news is, professional photos won’t be released at least for a couple of days, and you can’t really see anything of the outfits from mine. But there’s still heaps I can discuss about the event, what I loved, what I saw and what I hated!


So as I said, I was at Runway 6, and it was presented by Cosmopolitan Magazine, and supported by Priceline Pharmacy. There was a number of shows on last night, but I could really only afford to go to one, so I picked this one because it had the most brands that I knew and loved. The brands involved were Cameo, The Fifth Label, Finders Keepers, Shona Joy and Wild.Horses.

The Fifth Label is a personal favourite of mine, because they have a really good way of mixing classy, dressed up stuff with more casual pieces. I got a video of their opening purely by accident, cause I swiped left on my camara screen and turned it into a video. It’s probably the best clear picture I got of any of the outfits, but it won’t seem to upload for now so I’ll try again soon and hopefully update!

They started out with some really casual stuff,  a model walks past with a simple blue t-shirt and grey trackies. That was really only the first couple of outfits, and after that I’d say the crux of their show was mixing quite elegant skirts, jumpsuits and dresses with casual footwear. Almost all of their models were wearing Converse or Vans lookalikes. As a result, this was my favourite brand of the night. Wearing upper-class clothes but being able to dress them down is what I try to do on most days, for a number of reasons. In my area it’s not that common to see people who dressed up for many occasions, comfort is the name of the game. This has made me feel much more uncomfortable when I’m overdressed than when I’m underdressed. I would much rather be in jeans and a t-shirt when everybody else is wearing heels and a dress than vice versa. So the best way I’ve found to combat this is to find some super classic pieces and wear them with sneakers, ripped jeans, t-shirts, so that I still own great labels but don’t look out-of-place in my local shopping centre.

Halfway through the show the girls I made friends with and I successfully ID’d Samantha Harris as one of the models and then subsequently freaked out. For those who aren’t familiar with her, she’s a famous Australian model and she’s of Aboriginal decent, which is quite a big deal. Here is a blurry as picture of her which you totally can’t see anything, but it’s definitely her, trust me!


Finders Keepers went a little bit high fashion on us and brought out a whole lot of stuff that wasn’t really that wearable. When I read they were going to be at the show I was fangirling hard, because they’re a brand that occasionally releases one or two of their designs into chain stores like Glue or Edge for like $150 dollars or so, probably just to give you a taster and make you obsessed with them, which is totally what it did for me. Every time I come across a rare piece from them in my favourite surf stores I try it on, love it to the point of insanity, and then put it sadly back after a glance at the price tag.
None of their items I could really see myself wearing so I wasn’t super impressed, but they had a lot of items I’ve recognised from the big name shows, like oversized blazers worn over no tops, lots of cullottes, and totally backless jumpers and tops (ala Kim Kardashian) that give you absolutely no opportunity to wear a bra. The people in the front row seemed to have the best reaction to this brand, probably because it’s really high fashion stuff, which they would have the opportunity to wear in their daily lives, which I definitely would not!


The last brand that really caught my attention was Shona Joy, who admittedly I hadn’t heard of before last night. All of her stuff was really classic and gorgeous, with some really attention grabbing dresses, as well as some really interesting and exciting deployment of the “co-ordinates” trend that’s going on, which is of course, a top and a bottom that completely match but are separate from each other. The one stand out for me was a black and white patterned separate with long sleeves and midi skirt, which ironically looks kind of similar to a dress I already own , except I loved it about 500 times more!

At the end of the show, all the models came out, 5 of the them holding the letters for “Cosmo” and posed at the end, which I thought was a pretty effective tool for both the brands and Cosmopolitan itself!


The experience really was incredible, and although the clothes clearly were the focus, I spent a lot of time just observing the models. I’ve seen countless television show’s, videos, movies, pictures of runway models but you don’t really realise the extent of their training and discipline until you’ve seen them live. The control of their facial expressions, the exact style of their walking, their timing, it seriously was a joy to watch.
I honestly can’t wait to go to quite a few more runways, and definitely recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in fashion, even besides the clothes it’s insanely interesting and enjoyable!

All photos in this post taken by me

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