Vanessa Hudgens: Glamour Bunny // Street Style

vanessa hudgens
When I saw this photo in thumbnail I was all like “That totally looks like Vanessa Hudgens, imagine if it was Vanessa Hudgens then I could go on this rant about how she looks NOTHING like how she normally dresses and she’s all grown up and mid-riff tops and flared pants are a thing of the past. I wish that would happen.”
But in all seriousness, I’m so used to seeing the coachella-esque version of her all day errday, that when she mixes it up a bit it delights me. I do love her regular style, I am all about the modern indie hippie, but it’s very refreshing to see her step out in something that is – might I say – glamorous.
I love scarfs of all descriptions and I’m probably the only one in my friend group who would pay 50 dollars for scarf, but they are so comfy and they look so great. This one has a great colour combination and looks kind of rustic, which looks amazing next to the pristine cream of the coat. I’m very picky with my coats but this one is stellar, in that it doesn’t look frumpy and isn’t crazy long, as well as the striped pattern giving it some interesting flair.
Those shoes are perfection, and I need a celebrity or fashionista of some description to show me how to wear heels that aren’t basic black or white because I struggle and it’s something I want to be able to do. I would also love to be able to wear those heels whilst just strolling around in Soho but hey that’s not my life.
She’s an insanely gorgeous girl and I love what she’s wearing, and I hope she continues in that direction!

Source for pic is here

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