Shailene vs Shailene, Battle of the Premiers // “Insurgent” World Premier


This dress is very Shailene Woodley. It’s a style that suits her well, and indeed, she wears very often. A quick browse through her red carpet outfits of late show lots of floor length, figure hugging dresses in a multitude of colours. I think she tends to pick simple, easy to move in and simple to wear stuff. From what I’ve read, our friend Shae cares a lot more about the vibe of her life than what she’s wearing, if you know what I mean (You may not cause that was ridiculously cryptic, but she’s a spiritual person is all I’m really trying to say here).

I actually thought I had seen this exact dress on her before, but turns out she just wore something very similar to the Berlin premier of the prequel to this movie, Divergent.


Looking at just these two pictures, I liked her first effort better. I’m a sucker for long sleeves, that neckline looks really great on her without being indecorous (Has anyone watched “The Imitation Game”? I totally learnt that word from that movie and now I can’t stop applying it to everything. But it definitely is appropriate here). It’s very plain but the gold strips give it enough interest for it to not be boring.
That’s my original quabble with the first dress. If you’re going to wear something that plain I really think you need a major arm cuff or necklace or 30 rings, just SOMETHING to draw people s focus and make it a canvas with small and interesting accents, not just a blank canvas. But then I found this photo of the sleeves and back of it up close:


and that weaved detailing is beautiful. It wouldn’t be so beautiful if the whole dress was made out of it, but it’s used in just the right amount that it looks great and not tacky. It really swings it for me, and I like this one over the other one. Also she has little feathers in her hair and that is just adorable. She really could do with more jewellery though.

Which one do you prefer?

Source for pic one, pic two , and pic three .

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