Cate Blanchett is Just A Human // Jimmy Kimmel Show

So these photos aren’t actually from her at the show, and I can’t find ANY pictures from her in the studio or the show itself so I’m guessing she just taped it and us mortals will see it later on. Thus these creepy paparazzi pictures are the best I can do in displaying her outfit.

Cate Blanchett at 'Kimmel'

Here’s the thing right. I totally agree with what most fashion bloggers seem to think, and that is that Cate Blanchett has damn good style. Yes, yes she does. She wears some seriously cool things that you never see anywhere else, and I love how unique she is with her fashion picks. The other thing that fashion bloggers say, that Cate Blanchett is pretty much the only person who can pull off a lot of what she wears, I totally disagree with. Yes, she has good style, no, it’s not the kind of style that only looks good on a certain kind of person, or her specifically.
There are definitely some styles that look better on one person than another, but I find most of those styles are so because they rely on a certain body shape to portray them correctly. Some dresses look better if you have bigger boobs because it displays the bodice nicely, some dresses look better if you’re taller because the length of the skirt can make you look shorter and that is stumpifying for short people.
In the case of Cate though, I don’t think anything she wears is particularly tailored to suit her body type in particular, hence it doesn’t matter if she or Angelina Jolie wore it, it’s still just as weird and just as wonderful.

So returning to the outfit at hand: It’s so great. I love suits on women, they just look so sexy to me. I cannot resist a woman in a suit. When I am famous I will be that chick who wears a suit to the Grammys and owns the hell out of it. Also, that blue is my exact favourite colour. That is the colour my bedroom walls are painted right now. So much YES.
The jacket is a bit of a weird shape though, I feel like more cropped and fitted would have made this look nicer. And is just me or does the material ALMOST look like it’s velvet? There’s a pretty big jump between “Cate Blanchett wears Bright Blue Suit” to “Cate Blanchett wears Bright Blue VELVET suit” in strangeness levels. I don’t think I’d be on board if it was velvet. I have a soft spot for velvet, but I feel like you should only deploy so many elements at once and that would be going a bit far.

I wish I had a better close-up of her shirt because the embroidary looks incredible, but this is all I have for you

Australian actress Cate Blanchett arrives in hurry at Jimmy Kimmel wearing a light blue suit in Hollywood, Ca
How amazing is it, from what we can see? The colours and the pattern and omg I need it. I would wear it probably open over a grey tee, and some black skinny jeans and black boots. I need this outfit in my life right now. One of those amazing bloggers who can ID clothing from photos, please tell me where to buy?
But this photo does nothing to disperse my concerns that this suit is in fact made of velvet. It might be the sunlight but it might also be utter madness.
Overall, I do really like this. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it’s Cate Blanchett wearing it, it’s just a great outfit. I’m going to pull down the misconception Cate Blanchett is a magical because it just isn’t true, fashion freedom for all!

Source for the first pic and the second pic.

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