Gigi Hadid is My Style Crush // My Style

I never really knew much about Gigi Hadid apart from the fact that she’s a model. Then one day, after an average morning pawing through Getty Images I found a picture of her that just made me think “She is my fashion soul mate”. gighadid1The first thing that really jumped to mind was OMG SHE’S WEARING CREEPERS. Creepers are literally my favourite shoe of all shoes. Creepers being of course, platform sneakers. I have a single pair, they used to be white but then I decided I wanted black ones and didn’t want to pay $100 dollars so I spray-painted them black. Yep I’m totally DIY. Sometimes I have to touch the souls up with black nail polish after  particularly hard night of dancing but hey, small price to pay. For quite a while they were the only shoes I would wear almost anywhere, because they just look great with everything! I love the casual style of sneakers, I will try to wear sneakers to clubs and 21st because I just can’t get enough of them, and then for some reason I always found that they had the same effect on my legs that heels do. Which is weird, because they aren’t pointing your foot so theoretically they shouldn’t do anything at all, but they just make my legs look better. I hardly ever wear them anymore because truth told, they’re a bit small for me and if I wear them for a couple of hours I can’t actually walk anymore, but I’m so cheap I haven’t splurged on a proper fitting, 100 dollar pair from Nasty Gal yet. Some day I’ll talk myself into it. Aside from the shoes – ripped jeans, plain tee, and interesting jacket paired with round sun-glasses and natural-but-nice wavy hair? Seriously did I accidentally copy her style and not even realise? I feel like she IS me just 20 times better looking. And then the stalk of the century began and I can’t get enough of her style. These pictures are all candid as well so I know its her and not a fashion brand at work. gighadidcgigihadidb Sweater dresses – come at me. Tops that are long enough to be dresses is pretty much all I exclusively wear in summer because I’m ridiculously short and I can do that. I have a feeling this grey sweater top/dress is actually a dress because we all know that Gigi ain’t a shawtie, but girl knows that it can look just as good either way. And much respect for wearing a piece of clothing that she loves twice, and not giving a damn. If I was a celebrity the paparazzi would be all like “Hey you’ve worn that denim jacket 4 times this week” and I’d be all “Hell yes I have because it’s GORGEOUS”. (That distressed bomber jacket. Need.) body_girlcrushgigi_7jan_3By now you I know you’ve realised I love casual fashion – I can dress up and I do enjoy it but it’s not really my THING you know? So even when I do I’m usually more casual than most. I almost always pick t-shirt cut crop tops over sleeveless ones, I just like the way they look on me. I have a bare midriff most of the time, and I’ve just recently got into a love relationship with midi-skirts so this speaks to me on so many levels. Not sure if I’d take the shoes but nothing can spoil Gigi for me ❤

Sources for pic one, pic two , pic three, and pic four.

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