Zoolander 2: Life After Being Ridiculously Good Looking // Valentino Runway Show

PS. I don’t know if that’s the title, I totally made that up, I mean as if Derek Zoolander will ever be anything except ridiculously good-looking?!?
I am so hilariously glad that Valentino clearly has an awesome sense of humour and let Zoolander crash his fashion show. The fact that both parties took it absolutely seriously made this so much better – they didn’t break character once.


I’m fairly sure they are suit pyjamas. Barney Stintson would be proud.

Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week

Like a majestic crow in a sea of.. uh.. iphones..


Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.
xoxo Anna Wintour.

Source for pic one , pic two, pic three.

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