Balmain is Now a Household Name (Rhyme totally intentional) // Balmain Fall Collection 2015

Kim Kardashian has a far too high presence in my life because no media outlet will ever stop writing about her ever, which means I’M always writing about her and the damn cycle just continues. And admittedly, Kim is like a lot of the reason Balmain has become as high-profile as they are, definitely in my own fashion mind. Whether she’s a good ambassador or not is debatable, but any publicity is good publicity right? So when I saw this show pop up in the image service I use I had to have a peak – what will be seeing on Kim in the next year? I invite you to play a game with me. Rate each outfit out of 10 on how high a chance you think you will see it on Kim before their next collection drops (which I’m assuming will be the winter or spring collection). I’ve just picked out a few to show you but you can see the entire collection here! Maybe I missed the most Kim-worthy outfit? I don’t know! Let me know! And since I wouldn’t say these are my “fav” pics from the show because I can’t say I liked a lot of it, here are what I consider to be the more.. interesting looks.

My Most Interesting Picks:
4/10 Kim Rating.
She could totally adjust that blazer to show some cleavage right? Minor details. I actually kinda dig the pants. They’re like those fisherman pants that everybody wore for a while that I searched high and low to find and then when I did find them I SCREAMED in excitement and when I wore them for the first time I found out it was actually annoying wearing a pair of pants secured by a bit of material tied around your waist because they literally never stayed up and then I never wore them again. And they’re still in my cupboard. True story. Do you ever tire of hearing my failed fashion stories? I think no. πŸ˜€


1/10 Kim rating.
Too bright a colour. Too much coverage. Too loose like everywhere. This reminds me of a ringleader at a circus. I think the colour is gorgeous, you could never not sell me on an orange. Maybe we’d see it on the sidelines at a fashion week fashion show? I find it hard to believe it’d be practical or doable anywhere else.

5/10 Kim Rating.
Its short, and it’s got lots of black. I feel like on one of her edgier days she’d totally get into this. I honestly quite like it. If I had anywhere to ever wear it, I’d consider it. But I feel like the model might send me to hell with one look from her devil eyes before I could get near it. Seriously she looks SO MAD.


7/10 Kim Rating.
Cause boobs. And capes. Picture in your head: Cruella Deville. Right? Right?!

balmain76/10 Kim Rating.
I was just thinking “surely no one would ever wear this ever” but I honestly think if you just put a bra under the top she would. She’s done that like a lot of times before. I’d probably like the pants if they were lined. I have a secret love for flared pants that never left after they were the coolest thing in grade 6, shhh don’t tell anyone!


2/10 Kim Rating.
This is actually quite pretty but it’s just not very her. I’d love to see Emma Stone in this, I feel like she’d give that little bit of “yes I know it’s slightly ridiculous but I’m owning it so who cares?” that this dress definitely needs to be successful.


8/10 Kim Rating.
I really feel like this will be what she steps out in that will create a *StIr* in the fashion world. I can feel it in me loins! Picture in your head: Cruella Deville, out on the town. Right? Right?!


2/10 Kim Rating.
Same as before really. I still like this dress and I wanted to show you this version as well. I think the colour split and the toned down craziness of the pinwheels would make this a cool choice for a lot of people. Kristen Stewart, I feel like you could rock this well.


5/10 Kim Rating.
I kind just went for a half rating cause I really have no idea. It could go either way. Its short but it’s colourful? It has a blazer but it’s also quite textually complicated? But this is my personal favourite from this whole show. If I ever got invited to a super hip party in the fashion world I would wear this exact outfit and OWN the crowd.


1/10 Kim Rating.
It’s a nope from her and a nope from me.


6/10 Kim Rating.
The top is perfect. But will she do a maxi skirt like this?
I personally love this. Amazing all round.

My Kim Pick Of The Show: A 10/10 Kim Rating
Definitely of course absolutely she will wear this. Probably sans belt. She’ll step out of a hotel somewhere and it will be with this wrapped around her, I’m calling it! I bet you all 5 dollars! I’m gonna make so much money!


What was your favourite look from the show?
Was there something MORE Kim that I missed? Tell me all about it!

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