WTK (What The Kardashian) // Street Style

kim pinstripe

Kanye’s face says: I just don’t have the heart to tell her.

You speak for all of us Kanye. I mean, I don’t like thigh-high boots almost ever, especially when they’re heeled. There are very few non-trashy versions that I’ve seen. I normally love suits on woman, but by that I mean “suits on woman that were made for woman” not “woman wearing men’s suits”. I literally would not be surprised if that was Kanye’s old pimp suit from before he met her and she found it in the back of the cupboard and wanted to make a STATEMENT about how secure she is, and she’s trying to tell the world she doesn’t even care that she’s wearing the suit Kanye used to wear to the strippers in ye olde single dayes. In other words, it fits her really badly. The worst of it though, is that skirt. Is it a cardigan that she cut the arms off and then put around her waist? Because that would make a lot of sense right now, cause it’s sitting really weirdly all around her hips. Seriously whats with the pointy bits at the top of it? They kind of look like they might be where you should attach suspenders (thank god she passed on that one), but they also kind of look like they’re a design feature that aren’t sitting properly because once again SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT SIZE SHE IS so they’ve been stretched to the point that they aren’t where they are supposed to be.
Kim plz. I’m begging you. You’re great material for a blog but you can be better than that.
I’m all for strange and out there outfits, just make them good quality.

I was planning on using #educateyoself as a general tag for people who need #fashioneducation but so far I’ve only used it for Kimmy K. Go figure.

Source for pic is here

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