Kookai Continues To Keep Killing It // Kookai Australia Spring Summer 2014/2015

This show happened quite a while ago but because I could’t find any photos (yet) of their Fall Collection, I decided to have look back at their show this time last year. Hopefully I’ll be able to look at the new one soon!

The reason I was probably never meant for high fashion was because I love simplicity.
After a discussion with a friend today she told me that I love picking out simple clothes and then making the outfit look amazing by finding the perfect accessories, which when I think about, is absolutely true. I have SO many random clothes accents to add to any outfit, chokers, ear cuffs, arm chains, body chains, hand chains, anklets, caps, rings, the list goes on and on. You can make or break an outfit with the right or wrong necklace, is honestly how I feel.
And this is probably why I love Kookai so much. Much aside from the fact that they have a really good Australian presence despite being a French brand, their clothes are so utterly wearable. They make plain t-shirts and jeans and somehow make the better and upper class. And they’re not crazy expensive. Any brand that has a runway show yet you can still buy a pair of jeans from them from under $100 is definitely okay in my books.
Their most recent runway show in Australia was simply stunning (appreciate the world play? I knew you would you 😉 ) and I wanted to show you all some of my favourite pieces!

My Faves:

Kookai 1
Cigarette pants, please let me reveal my undying love for you. Seriously they are just so sophisticated but so comfy at the same time, and if that’s not the best combination, in the world I don’t know what is. I would probably have 600 pairs of them, but I kind of have a ghetto booty, so they just don’t come across the same way on me as they do on the model.. That is the sucky thing about having curves. No matter what look you’re actually going for, everything comes across as trying to be “hot/sexy”, because you have a bum or big boobs. It’s actually like a serious issue.
When I was suddenly allowed to wear a skirt for work because I became a manager, I was SUPER excited, went out straight away and bought one. Was told by work it was too tight and inappropriate so I was like “okey dokey, I’ll go find another one”. Literally went to about 15 different stores that sell corporate attire, and couldn’t find ONE skirt that would be deemed appropriate. Because my waist is like a size 4-6 and my bum is a size 10-12 (Australian sizing: A size 6 here is a size 0 in the States). So anything that wasn’t too tight around my bum was ridiculously loose on my waist, and anything that fit my waist was too tight to be appropriate on my bum. So I literally just gave up and all I wear is pants now.
And that’s the sad story of why I look ugly at work.

Not a massive fan of the fit of this dress (If you;ve read every blog post I’ve ever written you will now have a very clear idea of what I like hahaha), the fit is very boxy and makes her look like she’s got triangle-shaped boobs. At least from this angle. It has to be made of some stiff material because it has definitely Shape with a capital S, and it seems to be entirely ignoring her body and just doing its own thing. Which I don’t think is good in this case.
But this pattern is amazing, put it on another dress or a shirt or a skirt (which actually it is. See it here) and I would buy it immediately.
Also love those shoes. Strippery, gladiatory kind of shoes are my absolute favourite, and I own exactly 0 pairs because I can’t walk in them to save my life. So I appreciate from afar.


This dress is exactly the dress I imagined wearing for my 21st, except with big bright colours all over it. So yes, I love it.


I hope to gawddd that this is a playsuit, cause that’ll make it THAT much cooler. I’m a massive fan of PRACTICAL fashion. Give me shorts over skirts, playsuits over dresses, and platform sandals over heels. I want to be able to jump and dance and run around unrestricted. I cherish tops with that shape neckline because they give the appearance of a bigger bust than you actually have. Which is definitely handy for people like me. Also that pattern looks kind of skeletal in a very very good way.

Playsuit, gladiator heels and an awesome pattern. Mmmmmm yep I’m okay with that.

My Pick Of The Show:

I’ve only just recently got in midi-skirts because originally I thought I couldn’t make them look flattering on my body and then I discovered I totally COULD and now I love them. And this one is a gorgeous design, slits are great, and not your usually colour combination, which makes it amazing. I really like how they’ve picked a tone as the theme of the outfit, not an exact colour, so you’ve got lots of different pinks going on here rather just one exact shade. Makes it really interesting, and really original. And anything original is definitely down my alley.

Anything you particularly liked from this show? Comment below!

All Kookai runway photos sourced from here .

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