That Dress You Probably Own That I Hate // My style

So for ages there has been quite a large trend in dresses around my area. It may be other areas as well, but I don’t know because I don’t live there. They go something like this:

hate dress
Pretty right? NO. NO IT IS NOT.
I cannot begin to explain how much I hate that stupid expanse of sheer fabric in the middle. What is that gap designed to do. Show that you do in fact have skin under there, but covering it is you can’t touch it? Let your body breathe but not let it out completely? They look SO TACKY I CANNOT DEAL. It’s just a kinda nude coloured bit of illusion netting that literally aids you in NO WAY AT ALL and just looks really dumb and gross. It looks so cheap! Every dress that has this stupid bit looks cheap!
Why would you not just make it a coordinate if you need to show your midriff off? Coordinate of course being is a top and bottom made of the same material and would literally look like the same bit of clothing if it wasn’t for the fact that they are indeed, separate.

blue dress
See how much better that is?!?!?!? Imagine that with a stupid bit of illusion netting in the middle? TERRIBLE.

My SECOND quabble with dresses like the top one is the graphic print. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE graphic prints. I wore a dress that was this gorgeous graphic print of a forest for my 18th and it was literally one of my favourite things I have ever worn. But the difference was that this print was impeccable. Looked like it had just been printed off the camera onto the dress in high-resolution. With SO many of the dresses at the top of this page, in photos on online stores the print looks decent, and then you get it home and it’s actually crazy pixellated, blurry and not sharp at all. And it looks awful.

HERES AN EXAMPLE I PREPARED EARLIER (and I apologise to people I know who own this dress, because I know quite a few of you do, but its true, the dress is awful and you should throw it out):

Nice shaped dress, with an awful stupid tragic sheer middle bit, with what looks like could be a really cool graphic pattern.

So bad. Sooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Honestly I could never really express my anger at this. This aspect of the dress ALSO looks awful, stupid and tragic. That’s 2 elements of awful, stupid and tragic in one dress. I really don’t think anyone can pull that off. Not even a model.

Please girls in my area and girls in general, take a stand against the sheer midriff panel and the really badly printed graphic prints. They’re destroying our fashion senses, and indeed, the world.
Sorry this post was so capsy, I’m just super mad about this.

The first dress and all pictures of it can be found but please for the love of god do not buy it.
The second and all pictures are at 
The third, both pictures were taken by me, and was in a random store at my local shopping centre.

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