Future Fashion Wrap-Up! // My Style

List of things I totally intended on doing at Future:
– Taking photos of prominent styles, and weird and wonderful outfits throughout the day
– Making sure that I saw Example, Drake, Avicii, Darude, Hilltop Hoods, and a number of other smaller acts
– Being ridiculously drunk the entire time and spending the day running around from stage to stage to catch my favourite acts
– Meeting celebs
– Getting THOUSANDS of photos of the area, me and my mates

List of things I actually did at Future:
– Took zero photos of what anyone was wearing at any point because phone battery is PRECIOUS y’all
– Saw about 10 minutes of Example whilst eating a souvlaki near the back of the area, running between Drake and Avicii and simultaneously missing great bits of both of them, and totally forgetting that either Darude OR Hilltop was there because I had so many things to think about and people to see
– Got ridiculously drunk for about the first hour and then proceeding to chug bottles of water for the rest of the day so that I didn’t pass out from the heat and had the energy to last till 10pm
– Spent the day dancing from stage to stage looking for my friends and losing people in the crowd
– Met Some Blonde DJ and Lawson from Big Brother? Not really celebs but I’ll take it
– Got next to no photos cause I was way too busy having a bloody AWESOME TIME and who has time for photos when there is dancing to do!

We did get one video though (me in the grey, my mate in the black top)

ANYWAY in an effort to make this even slightly related to fashion, here is the top 3 new trends that I noticed throughout the day

1. Temporary Metallic Tatoo’s
I definitely indulged in this. I had 2 or 3 on, and when we arrived at our friends hotel in the morning their kitchen bench was literally COVERED in packets of them, so between shots of tequila it was like “HOW MANY CAN WE POSSIBLE PUT ON OUR BODIES WITHOUT TURNING INTO TIN FOIL”. Turns out a lot. But I saw some really cool designs on a lot of people throughout the day, especially this amazing really big dreamcatcher one, which covered almost all of one girls back. And she can scrub it all off tomorrow and go back to her day job at the office. Perfect.

2. Kimono’s
I was at my local festival (not music festival, just little carnival thing) the other day and I saw a stand at a little hippy store of kimono’s and I was all like “should I? shouldn’t I?” and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t, cause there was SO many of them there on Sunday, and by and large they looked AWESOME.  The best way I saw them worn was when girls had really edgy boots on, punky shorts and tops, and then added a floaty kimono which instantly contrasted with the rest of their outfit, and complimented it perfectly. This is a bandwagon I will have to jump on.

3. Crochet

This has been around for a while, but it’s really exploded in the last couple of months. If you didn’t see at least one of those white crochet tops that is solidly knitted over the girls boobs and then kinda loosely knitted everywhere else, you must have been walking around with your eyes closed. I think I counted about 12. I wore that exact top to Stereo in December, so I decided to pass on wearing it to Future. Phew, ahead of the game. But quite obviously I approve.

What were your favourite moments of the day? Who did you see/miss out on? How crazy did you and your mates get? Tell me every detail!

And to close this wrap-up post, I leave you with a pic of me with some guy who we met on the train’s HOME MADE Deadmau5 head, who weren’t even playing at Future this year? Someone has too much time on their hands


All photos & videos in this post, including the cover photo, taken by me and my mates, yay!

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