“Fergalicious”, Give Me a Definition?? // Fergie Street Style

I struggle with Fergie, because to me, in her many attempts to look “hip-hop” and “urban” (is that how the kids say it?) she quite often just comes off looking trashy. Somehow Rhianna has avoided that despite how naked she often is, and that’s probably because she always has a fully done up face when I see photos of her, so no matter how low-brow her clothes are her head is always pristine.

fergieHowever I think Fergie has avoided trashy here. Sunglasses probably help. Everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.
I usually hate knee-high boots, but these ones are more practical in their looks than most – they look like they’d be comfy to wear and easy to walk in. I’m a massive fan of chunky combat boots so that sits well with me, and I think it’s the fact that aren’t trying really hard to be sexy boots (teamed with two big jumpers) that she’s managing to avoid the hooker style look. If those boots had any sort of heel I’d probably write them straight off. That said, they still do look good on her, as they show off her legs quite well. I love oversized jumpers, and layering, and short hems, so the upper section all looks good to me.  It also adds nice balance, the flash of leg, to what is both a chunky upper and lower layer of this outfit. I think I like this more than a lot of her stuff because this outfit actually LOOKS urban, and like the outfit of someone who lives in the inner city and has some important stuff to do, rather than it looking like shes trying really hard to make an outfit sexy that inherently just isn’t. Am I calling Fergie a try-hard? Did this just happen? It’s okay, I still think you’re Fergalicious Definition bae.
I’d say she looks hot in this. And hot can operate exclusively from sexy, and that’s okay.

Photo source here

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