My Music Festival Must-Haves for Future! // My Style

As some of you may know, Future Music Festival has been hitting Australia for the last few weeks in the all the major cities, and tomorrow it’s Melbourne’s turn! I usually spend literally months preparing my festival outfit/outfits (depending on how many days it is) but I’ve been so broke at the moment I haven’t been able to even think about buying everything new! After quite a few festival experiences though, I’ve got the essentials almost down pat. Here are the 3 fashion items I feel like you need in every festival situation!

1. Boots

The very first music festival I went to (Soundwave, 16 years old) I originally wore sandals. The guys I went with were horrified – they wanted to jump around and mosh and I was definitely going to get my feet crushed. So on our way to the Melbourne Showgrounds we stopped at Rubi shoes in the CBD and I bought a pair of throwaway sneakers. They were better than sandals for sure, but I still spent a lot of time being in a lot of pain from stepped on feet. Ever since then, I’ve only EVER worn boots. My combat boots which were lace-up and went up halfway up my calves were my festival shoes for the next 3 years, and they served me well. And then all of a sudden, boots came into fashion and I had WAY more options. The ones I have now I literally wear everywhere – dinner, clubbing, walking, EVERYWHERE. They’re so comfy, they look good, and no matter who steps on my feet I’m always protected.

future1Famous Footwear – $50.00

2. Sunglasses chain

I’m awful with sunglasses – I’m forever losing them, forever breaking them from me leaving them on the floor and standing on them, just abusing them in general. I’ve also lost like 3 pairs at music festivals from them falling of my head. It was at last years Future that I decided I’d had enough, and I got some string from a random cupboard in my house and tied it around the sunglasses’ arms, and hung my glasses around my neck. Not very fashionable, sure, but literally one of the handiest things I’ve ever done. After that worked so well I made a solid investment in a much prettier looking sunglasses chain, and I’ve never looked back since.


Chain: Ebay – $5.00
Sunglasses: Quay Eyewear – $45.00

3. Body Jewellery

Music festivals are half about the music and half about the fashion – every one knows that! 😛 I love that you can get really out there with your accessories and clothes, and you’re able to wear stuff you normally never would. Jewellery is my baby and my past festival outfits have included massive ear cuffs, ridiculous amounts of rings and bangles, headbands, flower wreaths, you name it! This year I’m loving the various variations of body chains that we’ve been seeing everywhere. I wore my body chain made of gold fern leaves out last friday night, and it was a great success! The only new thing I’ve bought for Future this year is my favourite piece of jewellery to date: a and gem studded gold arm chain. Check it out. Just as cool as it sounds.

future2And an example of what it looks like on:

arm chain

Peppermayo – $39.95

What festival essentials will you be rocking this year? Let me know below!

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