Kim Kardashian Goes Full Barbie Blonde // Street Style

ep. Totally happened. I like it.. I think. I’m a fan of bleach on people who are not me, and also when it’s on people with short hair. When it’s like this length it could definitely be real, and not extentionised, which I think actually is the case here. Unless she’s got yards of hair tucked up in her jacket. When it’s like down to your boobs even if it looks real I can’t help the voice screaming “FAKEEEEE” in my head. I’ve been there though, I was bleach blonde for quite a while so I’m not judging. I’ just..disliking. It almost looks like she has an undercut here as well, which could have been really interesting and cool considering it’s Kim Kardashian, but let’s be serious.

The more I stare at it the more she kinda looks like an alien.
I don’t know how to feel. TELL ME HOW I FEEL?!

Source for the pic is here and I think you should totally read it cause the Fug girls are amazing and they do a great Kanye

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