Sarah Silverman Got Lost On The Way To The Supermarket // Night Of Too Many Stars @ Comedy Central

I don’t know what the dress code was for this event, and it’s a Comedy Central night so really it could be at either end of the spectrum, but I feel like it probably wasn’t “Popping into the milkbar for a bottle of milk on a really cold weeknight and you’re just wearing all your warm clothes layered on top of each other, regardless of what they look like, because damn that wind is CHILLY”

sarah silverman night of too manySource

I mean cargo pants (and not pretty ones, legit I AM A COMMANDO ones) and runners?? Can I hate runners now? Is someone going to jump out from behind a bush and inform me that runners are sooooo in that it doesn’t matter in what context you wear them, they’re fashionable?
I feel like I might not be entirely fair about this though, because I honestly didn’t see the show and from what I saw in photos, Sarah did some serious comedic acting up on the stage, in this exact outfit sans coat. So it may have been vital to the storyline. But if that was the case, couldn’t she have at least brought a change of clothes? People are gonna see this without possible serious comedic actress context, Sarah, and they are gonna be WAY harsher than I am being now.

In unrelated, but at-the-same-event-so-totally-warrants-being-in-the-same-post news, Katy Perry looked like the hottest gypsy lady I have ever seen. And that is definitely a massive compliment.

katy perry night of too manySource

I love this on her. It’s a great step away from all the stuff she normally does, which is tight and boob-tastic. And yes admittedly there is still some impressive cleavage there, but I feel like it’s not the centre of out attention. Most outfits I’ve seen her wear rely on her cleavage to bring a lot of the interest, and as much as that’s alright some the time, it shouldn’t be your play for EVERY event. This fits her well but is also a different shape for her, and has some gorgeous patterns on the bottom. I’m also super glad for the sheer sleeves as opaque ones would have made this outfit less floaty and more demure, and no sleeves at all could look a bit strange with the shape of the dress.
A great event to step out in an outfit a little bit out of your comfort zone, because it’s not super high-profile, but still gets you seen doing something different.
2 thumbs up Katy!

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