Why Doesn’t Kim Kardshian Know What Size She Is? // Mert & Marcus House of Love Party

Here I am asking the question the entire world wants to know the answer to:

I’ve asked this question any times before but today I am asking it in response to this:

kim kardash salmon Source
I really like this dress. Seriously. It’s a cool concept, I love simple basic stuff, and also tightly fitted dresses. If I could wear this dress without looking like a wannabe-fashion-prodigy I totally would.
And Kim without question is a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous body. BUT THAT DOES NOT FIT YOU. I picked this photo specifically because you can see how its cutting around her body, right where her waist is. If that dress fit properly it wouldn’t be doing that. I like Kim’s taste mostly, but so many of her outfits get mangled because, it seems, she refuses to go up a size. This would be so much flattering if it didn’t look like she’s trying to squeeze herself into a dress 2 sizes too small! Another time a perfectly nice outfit was ruined by her size perception:

kim kardash doesn;t fit Source
How amazing is this besides the fact that the top of her skirt is clearly struggling to get all the way around her hips, making it looks distorted, crinkled and gross*? It’s not going to make you look any larger Kim if you wear clothes that actually fit! Probably quite the opposite actually!

*I totally wrote that comment on her instagram photo when she posted this, and I had this great discussion with other Kardashian fans about how we love her but we FEEL for her lack of SIZE PERCEPTION

3 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Kim Kardshian Know What Size She Is? // Mert & Marcus House of Love Party

    1. You know what you’re probably totally right, and I kinda feel for her cause I have the same issue in that my bottom half is bigger than my top haha!
      But seriously she’s like a millionaire, as if she couldn’t get stuff custom made?!? Haha


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