Kelly Clarkson Is Spreading The Positivity // Good Morning America

Can we plz talk about how amazing Kelly Clarkson looks at the weight she’s at now? No doubt shes always been a gorgeous girl but she just seems so much more.. vibrant in all the photos I see of her. It LOOKS like she’s comfortable in her own body and that’s just shining through this amazing confidence, that just lights up her from the inside out. Also good clothes don’t hurt at all.

Kelly clarkson3

I’ve looked at so many of those coats online and in stores, and I just love every variation of it – as I’ve said before khaki will always get me – and I’ve almost bought it like 6849 times but I can’t bring myself to spend $100 on a COAT. I feel like coats are practical things and I want to spend my $100 on a dress or new heels, not something to wear to my boyfriend’s football games on freezing cold mornings. And therein lies the reason why I have no proper winter clothes. The cycle continues. But Kelly knows whats up so she actually bought and also she probably has a lot more money than me.
I don’t know what that top is but it looks very related to those cropped Stussy tees that are at all the surf brand stores at the moment, and I kind of need every single one in every single design, so I definitely approve.
Not a massive fan of the skirt. The layers are a bit weird and add girth where there is none. Sick material though.

kelly clarkson1
Not really digging this dress though. I hate little collars like that and I strongly believe they should be left where they belong, on 8 year old girls. I can see the appeal of wanting to look innocent and loveable on a show such as “Good Morning America” but they literally look costumey to me. The colour is crazy gorgeous though. And the shoes, I kind of need them.
But she looks amazing anyway. Her total and utter happiness is just blinding me to any possible fashion faux pas.


Source for picture 1
Source for picture 2

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