Naeem Khan Is Pretty Much My Spirit Animal // Naeem Khan Fall Collection 2015

So in the interest of full disclosure, I love Naeem Khan and pretty much everything he does, so I might not have a negative word to say about anything he ever does. And I don’t think I really NEED negative words for this show because it is divine. I wish there was a store that sold solely knock-off Naeem Khan’s because I would pretty much exclusively shop there. But then again I don’t want to disrespect the genius so NOBODY KNOCK HIM OFF OKAY.

One of my all time faves that he has produced probably came into my line of sight because it was on a fashion crush of mine, Vanessa Hudgens. And now you know I’m young because so many older people hate her style. But they couldn’t hate this because it’s all round amazing.

Vanessa+Hudgens+Naeem+Khan+SPMPB+1 Source
Seriously look at design, and the colours! So much work must have gone into that, which is also something I really appreciate about Naeem Khan, he doesn’t really do simple. I am a massive fan of two types of dresses – the insanely simple and the awesomely detailed. I’m not massively into dresses with statement pieces or sections, it’s all or nothing for me. And Khan definitely falls into the “all” category. That said, let’s have a look at some of my favourite pieces from his fall collection and honestly I originally wrote “and one or two that weren’t as good as the rest” but there was no downside to this show. There was only AMAZING and EVEN MORE AMAZING.

My Fall Show Faves: 

  I feel like this is kind of like that dress that absolutely everybody wore to their 18th birthday party(and I know I’m right in saying that cause I literally googled “18th birthday dress” to find that photo) but like 100% more amazing and nowhere near as tacky looking (I apologise if that was your 18th birthday dress, soz) and just way incredible all round. And dem colours!

Olive/Khaki green and all derivatives of are pretty much my favourite colours, because I like black, grey and white better but they aren’t technically “colours”. I might like this more if it was shorter, but hey that’s cause I’m a party girl and it’s still incredible as is. I mean, I realise all of these are aimed at Oscar’s winners so of course they will be floor length and DRAMA.

I wonder if Naeem Khan does weddings because I need this as a bridesmaid dress. Babe, it’s worth the thousands of dollars, trust me 😀

My Pick Of The Show
I guess one could say it’s kind of Spanish Bullfighter-y but I absolutely love it. Long sleeves and short hems are my favourite combination, and whilst this isn’t short exactly, the split definitely does the job. The pattern and detailing are amazing, and I love the structuredness of the shoulder, makes the whole outfit sexy and strong even if the rest of it is giving entirely different signals. As an Oscar winner, I would wear this. Without the hat.

PS! How cute is he!

All show photos sourced from here

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