Lady Gaga the Cleaning Mama // The Oscars

lady gaga oscarsSource

Seriously though, is this not an amazing dress? And hair? And little red accents in her hair? The pattern looks kinds of granitey, which I think is really interesting on any dress, particularly one which as structured as this. I love structured dresses, with weird bits that sit upwards and outwards. The capped sleeves really make it for me, just a cut-off sleeveless would be too abrupt for something as all-out as this. And seriously the red accents, I just LOVE it.
This is coming from a girl who used to tie ribbons through the belt loops of her jeans because she thought that her outfit didn’t have enough pop, didn’t have enough colour. There would be little bows on almost all my jeans, and then when I wore them to school on free dress day people would be like “Why is there ribbon on your jeans…”, and because they clearly weren’t as fashion forward as I was, I would say “Oh it’s just an inside joke”. Whereas really it was an AMAZING FASHION STATEMENT. CLEARLY. 16 years olds didn’t have any vision in my day (I’m 21 but 16 feels like a lifetime ago 😦 ).
And on that note that while I don’t think I’d do the gloves myself.. they really do look like cleaning gloves as every one of the 317836187 meme’s I’ve seen suggest.. but I get her vibe. I dig her thoughts. I shovel her brain. I just mean, I understand her wanting to add a little extra to her outfit and deciding to go a slightly unconventional route.

Also it’s LADY GAGA. How is this, in any reflection of her outfits, not completely 100% normal in her eyes?

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