Runners Happened, Against My Greatest Efforts // Milan Fashion Week STREET STYLE

If anyone has heard me rant about people wearing runners to places that don’t include them doing exercise, you’ll know my public stance on the matter. I hate it and it looks dumb and why do people keep doing this. Having a quick look through some candid photos of some celebrities and also some unknowns out and about during Milan Fashion Week made me feel so eyetwitch (and that’s one word cause its an emotion, not an action. If you were to tell someone that you felt really eyetwitchy they would know exactly how you were feeling straight away. It’s so efficient.), as I saw multiple people out rocking their Nike’s with what might have been otherwise perfectly nice outfits. But I’ll let you in on a secret – I don’t hate it as much as I tell everyone I do.

unknown milan fashion week clara racz

Source (Unknown person) Source (Clara)

The person on the top is an unknown, who just happened to be fashionable enough for Getty to photograph. The one on the bottom is Clara Racz, a model. Hate to diss you and your skills Clara, but I think the random did it better.
I’ve been trying to establish in my mind when I like runners and when I don’t, because it’s not a clear-cut line of NO THEY’RE ALL AWFUL that I thought it was.

I’ve pretty much reached the decision that you need streamlined, simple clothes for me to enjoy runners in an everyday outfit. In the case of Clara, her entire outfit is quite flowy and bouncy, as well as including a gorgeous pattern on her skirt/pants/culotte things. It honestly doesn’t bother me what they are, I still love them cause they just look like a skirt anyway and that pattern is to DIE FOR. ANYWAY, the runners with that give her the look of a grandma just toddling around the streets to do her shopping. Runners are generally more chunky than your average shoe, and the chunkiness of the shoe teamed with the wideberth of the skirt is just too much for me. It almost gives her the appearance of wearing crocs on her feet. YEAH I WENT THERE. If I was a photoshop genius, now is when I’d photoshop the onto her feet to show you how very similar it looks, but I’m not so you just have to imagine it and agree.

Unknown fashionable lady, on the other hand has her black leather coat which I would steal off her right now if I wouldn’t look so fat in it, but whilst that has quite a much large circumference than her body, the jeans underneath slim it down again so that by the time you get down to her Nike’s at the bottom they don’t seem just like another blob of large clothing, they seem different and calculated.

I mean in all honesty I would prefer both of these outfits without the Nike’s, but I’m not eyetwitchy at the whole trend any more. You just need to do it right, okay guys.

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