Boyfriend Jeans // MY STYLE

I love the idea of boyfriend jeans, and I love how they look on pretty much everyone I see them on. But I just can’t see to DO them! I’ve read all the “How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans” articles, and I pair them with something tight at the top, and roll them up and wear them on my hips yet they always seem to make me look short and stumpy. I as a person have quite short legs and a long body, so I’m assuming it has something to do with that, but I WANT to wear them so bad. I bought a pair of jeans a few months ago, and they were the first pair of non-super-tight-skinny-jeans I’ve bought in YEARS. Literally my boyfriend made a comment at one point “Cute that you’re wearing your grandma jeans today”. Cause that’s how they make me look! Not stylish but frumpy! I’m 5’4′ and somewhere between a size 8-9 (Australian sizing) in jeans. Has someone got any pointers? I want to look comfy and relaxed and nice but it seems like it’ll never be 😦
boyfriend jeansSource
I actually have like a really similar body type to Kylie Jenner, to help the visual. Except prehaps not as big boobs.. judging by her recent instagram posts.. BUT I DIGRESS, if she can do it why can’t I?!?

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