Taylor Swift Is Possibly Wearing Lingerie // Elle Style Awards

I mean it obviously looks more solid than that, but just the patterns and the colour combination.. it just looks kind of underwear-y to me.

taylor swift elle style awards Source

That’s not to say I don’t like it cause I actually mostly do. I love really bold colours and pretty much leather on anything. It’s just probably not something I could wear without thinking to myself that I looked like I just left the set of a soap opera during a scene in which I am trying to seduce my arch-rivals lover by arriving at his house in the middle of the night wearing something that if is not lingerie, is very lingerie ADJACENT. I do love that she’s not afraid to try heaps of different stuff though, cause the outfit she wears whilst just outside doing things are generally quite twee, lots of coats and stockings and kitten heels and blouses. And there’s no way you could call this twee (it’s not even twee ADJACENT ADJACENT). If anything I’d almost call it vampy. You go Tay, you seduce them sparkly men. But first maybe make the boob half moon crescent thing of the dress a bit bigger. I hate it when they’re tiny like that, they shrink your bust unnecessarily. Also not sure about the way those shoes are mangling your feet. But mostly, you go Tay.

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