Helena- WAIT Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor // Elle Style Awards

My first thoughts when I saw this picture was “THIS IS THE BEST HELENA BONHAM CARTER HAS EVER LOOKED”

Atlanta style awardsSource

And now that I see how wrong I am, I think Helena Bonham Carter should send me a thankyou letter for confusing her with a 22 year old DJ/Model/Fashion Icon (Yeah I didn’t know who she was either. I had to google it and she didn’t even have a wikipedia page, I found out the facts from a TUMBLR FANPAGE so no one can blame us for being in the dark). This dress has some of the quirkiness that Helena is famous for but I think is generally pulled off much better, from the ankles up anyway. It fits her really well, the red in both the polka dots and her lipstick sit really well with her colour tone, her simple hair looks great next to such a complicated dress. I’m not a fan of the lacy stuff at the top of the bodice – it kind of just looks like her bra is sticking out rather than being a design feature of the dress. I originally had an issue with the puffy bits on the ends of her sleeves but then when I imagined the dress without them it changed the whole feel of it so I just bullied myself into liking them. And I also feel like the length would be nicer a little bit shorter? I know she’s obviously not going for sexy or Miss America Legsly in this dress, but I think it would make it a little younger and fresher. Now it just sounds like I hate everything but seriously I love the overall look of this outfit.

Except the shoes. I’m all for wearing boots with dresses for fancy events, I do it all the time, but GREY SUEDE was your best option with BLACK AND RED POLKA DOTTED TULLE? REALLY. I FIND THAT SOMEWHAT HARD TO BELIEVE.

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